KCP is (Temporarily) Closed

Hi everyone! I’m horrible at updating this website, but did want to announce that KCP is “closed” for the coming months. My husband and I are excited to be expecting our second child in early summer! To say that this pregnancy has been challenging physically is an understatement, and I’ve found that photographing sessions is becoming more and more uncomfortable and stressful due to my physical and time limitations (my full-time job, a kitchen renovation that is about to get underway, and preparing for baby’s arrival). So, for now, our doors are closed, but I hope to be back in early fall with an annoucement that our doors are once again open. Thanks for your understanding!



Fall 2014 Mini Sessions

Fall Mini Sessions are back! Email me at kari@karicamposphotography.com to book!

On the Horizon

Yet again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m happy to be back and report that Kari Campos Photography is alive and well! I’ve been having fun this summer with a number of families and couples. Newborn shoots and a maternity session have occupied my time recently, and I’m loving it! The two years of life changes have finally subsided, and I’m glad to be back in a place where I can devote more time to photography again. I’ve updated my slideshow up top with some more recent session photos that I hope you enjoy. I have big things around the horizon as far as KCP is concerned that I can’t wait to share with you. I hope you’ll join me in the journey! More to come soon…




Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a short note to let you know that, yes, I am in fact alive and kicking, contrary to what many of you may have thought due to my absence on this website. Here we are in 2013 and spring is just around the corner. As with in 2012, I will be limiting the number of sessions I shoot. Updated pricing can be found on the “Pricing” page. Email me at kari@karicamposphotography.com if you are interested in booking a session. And because no post is complete without a photo, here is a shot of my beautiful daughter Emme. She’s grown a bit since my last post hasn’t she?!

Finding Balance

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been several months since the last time I posted to the website! Something that I was devoted to all of last year and much of the year prior has, unfortunately, been put on the backburner. The truth is, something had to give.

Last year was a year of changes. When I decided to establish Kari Campos Photography, those major life changes were not planned. I was committed to my photography business. However, in the midst of starting and establishing this business, I started a new position at my full-time place of employment, a job that is much more demanding and has presented quite the learning curve. But my biggest adjustment of all last year was in becoming a mom to this beautiful little girl.

The truth is, I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to balance full-time employment with being a loving wife to my husband and in my new role as Emme’s mom.  I don’t get much time away from work during the weekdays, so my weekends have become solely devoted to soaking up as much time as I can with the two of them. Add in this business, and well, it’s a recipe for disaster, or at least a nervous breakdown.

The bottom line is, while I love photography, I frankly don’t have the amount of time to devote to it as I did when I first established KCP. And there seems to be no end in sight to the craziness of my life (don’t even get me started on the whole house-we-rent-is-going-through-foreclosure issue). Which brings me to the point of this post…

Kari Campos Photography will not be “closing”, but I am greatly limiting the number of photoshoots I take on this year. Each photoshoot I do encompasses a minimum of six-eight hours. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just taking pictures. It is so very time consuming–something I knew when I established the business, but at that time I didn’t anticipate the great number of life changes and challenges I’d be facing soon after.

So with that said, I haven’t fallen off of the face of this earth. I’m loving being a mom and am just trying to find a balance in my life. My number one priority has been and will always be my family, which is why I’ve had to make this decision.

Like I said, I will still be accepting a limited number of clients this year, so feel free to contact me if you are interested, just please understand if I have to regrettably say “no”.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support!

xoxo, Kari

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